Popular, former Metro FM, ZTV presenter and media entrepreneur , Tich Mataz, spoke to Earground YouTube channel about his life and career. He says he will be back on the scene with a new offering within the next two months.

Mataz says he grew up in Highfield, in the same neighborhood as some of the most popular radio DJs.

Mataz said radio made him mobile and able to travel across the whole country.

Key points

1. He started by playing in clubs with his uncle.

2. He was studying for a degree in chemical engineering.

3. He joined ZBC as a sound engineer, behind the scence.

4. He was a deputy producer, a cameraman, before he came onto radio as a DJ.

5 He joined the television department before he got into radio.

6. He would leave the television department to go and hang out with DJs.

7. He became a producer, assisting DJs. One day he was on standby and the DJ who was supposed to come was late. He was asked to play music and not say anything. However, he decided to speak!

8. He then went into South Africa where he experienced radio in SA, Kenya, Botswana etc

9. Mataz says digital radio will lead in Africa

10. He had a lot of energy when he entered South Africa. He says Broadcasting shapes society, religion and the future.

11. He says he created a standard that made broadcasters taken seriously in SA.

12. Social Media has brought about a lot of fake news, fake lives and lack of authenticity.

13. Having a lot of likes does not mean you have added value to a person.

14. Khulumani Communications still exists. He is now going into the digital space. Khulumani communication is now repackaging themselves as Khulumani Digital Communications.

15. Africa lacks the ability to create material that can be put in a digital library.

16. The future of Africa is in content farming.

17. Highlights of his career was working in France on the 1998 World Cup for 2 months.

18. He also worked on the Olympics, Africa games and Miss World.

19. He is still working with contacts he made then.

20. He has been taught not to be myopic, never to look at things using one dimension.

21. In the next two months he will be back on the scene with something big.

22. He advises young people to be authentic.

23. His son is a hip hop artist. Mataz says his sons success is an important part of his legacy.

Please Watch the video for more details.