AMAZING: Meet Zimbabwe Graduate Who Restores Written Off Trucks

The best workshop is your brain. The best toolbox is your brain - Chikengezha

Meet Wilson Chikengeza, a University Of Zimbabwe graduate who restores old, abandoned and written off trucks that are in a state of disrepair.

Chikengezha showed off some of the trucks that he has restored in his makeshift workshop that include Mercedes Benz trucks.

He says he buys abandoned trucks and after he finishes restoration , the original owners can not believe the results.

Chikengezha says his belief is that the best workshop and the best toolbox¬† is one’s attitude.

He said he is not limited by the lack of a workshop and the fact that he uses obsolete equipment.

Chikengezha owns a truck which he restored for his own company. He towed the truck 400km from Buhera to Harare where it had been abandoned for years.

Chikengezha and his team removed the engine, grinded the crankshaft, fitted new rings and gaskets and the truck is now in a perfect working condition.

The truck is now contracted by Cottco and its working in Muzarabani area.