Canada based Thandiwe Msimanga (56) , who was born in Zimbabwe, says Mnangagwa should be careful how he proceeds with discussions on Gukurahundi with Matabeland groups.

Msimanga said Mnangagwa should speak to the victims directly and should not go through groups such as Matabeleland Collective.

She said there are whatsapp groups where victims are talking among themselves and they are the ones that should take a lead in negotiations with Mnangagwa’s government. Msimanga said she is lucky that she is in Canada where her doctors have diagonised her with post traumatic stress disorder.

Msimanga said she would want to talk directly with Mnangagwa’s office and be part of helping to close the painful Chapter of Zimbabwe’s history.

Msimanga said she knows a lot of young people who live in South Africa who are very angry over the Gukurahundi issue and she has been counselling them for a long time who were directly affected by Gukurahundi.

Msimanga said although she is afraid, she wants to speak to Mnangagwa directly and see the issue solved before she dies.