In a Shocking interview on SABC last night, Impala Car Rental CEO, Thompson Dondo, refused to name the owner of the car used by the dreaded Team Ferret during the abduction of young journalism student, Tawanda Muchehiwa.

The rented car that was used in the abduction

Muchehiwa is a relative of Zimlive editor Mduduzi Mathuthu and was abducted a few weeks ago, before the 31 July Protest, and says he was kept at a secret location where he was fed food with paint, beaten, made to drink his own urine and threatened with circumcision with a knife.

Impala car rental statement

Muchehiwa was only released after a court order forcing police to release him within 72 hours. Doctors found damage to his kidneys but he says he expects to make a full recovery.

Dondo says the rented car is leasedtto Impala by a private owner whose name is known to Mathuthu, but Zimlive is not publishing the name for their own reasons.

Dondo told SABC that the person who rented the car is also known to Mathuthu He said as part of business, he can not just tweet the name of the owner but will present police with the documents related to the hire this morning.

Dondo says he has received over 1000 calls from angry Zimbabweans wo wrongly assume that a car rental company should know everything that their rented cars are used for.

Dondo said the level of anger among Zimbabweans shoe that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe.