ZANU PF South Africa spokesmen, Kennedy Mandaza, has told SABC that Mnangagwa is not worse than Mugabe.

Mandaza says Mnangagwa has implemented Media reforms which are being abused by some people to make Mnangagwa look bad.

Mandaza called upon journalists to go to Zimbabwe and verify the situation there.

This followd the abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa which was caught on CCTV camera and which is suspected to have been done by Zimbabwe State Security agents.

Mandaza said ZANU PF does not abduct people and would not benefit from doing that.

He said the abductions have affected the country negatively and is the work of people that want to tarnish Mnangagwa ‘s image.

Mandaza denied that there are any human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and said being denied bail by a court can not be classified as a human rights abuse.