Chimurenga musician Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo says Zimbabweans should unite to fight against poverty, corruption, poor governance and a failed economy.

Mapfumo, who is based in the United States, said Emmerson Mnangagwa is abusing Covid-19 lockdown restrictions to crack down on dissenting voices mainly the opposition.

The musician said people in Zimbabwe should enjoy their fundamental liberties as enshrined in the constitution.

“Zimbabweans should have freedom of speech, freedom of movement and no one should harass them,” he said.

Mapfumo said Covid-19 is now being used as a political tool by the government to infringe on rights instead of working on the delapidated health sector.

He added that the government is lying about the number of Covid-19 related deaths in the country however people have the right to know the truth.

Mapfumo condemned the arrest of Hopewell Chinono who was charged for inciting public violence after exposing the $60 million covidgate scandal.

He said there is nothing in the country everything has been looted and destroyed by the ZANU PF regime.

Mapfumo said Zimbabwe deserves a leadership that priorities transparency instead of corruption.

Mapfumo said ZANU PF should stop trying to crush the opposition instead they should dialogue with them for a way forward and a better Zimbabwe.