Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader, Albert Matapo, says his genuine signal to remove Mnangagwa is coming soon.

Matapo said the 31 July demonstrations were planned and organised by ZANU PF as a way of gathering intelligence on how future uprisings will work.

He said while some of the organizers were genuine, some of them were working with ZANU PF to try and see how movements like ZPPM will execute their plans.

Matapo said his Signal will be coming and Zimbabweans will not be asked to march as was the case with the 31st July demonstrations, but they will see it on the ground.

Matapo said the 31st July demonstrations had the effect of shutting down the whole country, which showed the world that Zimbabweans no longer want ZANU PF, however, the corrupt people that were targeted were not affected.

Matapo said to deal with the problems of Zimbabwe, the whole system should be removed and this is the only way to bring about a lasting solution.