Zimbabwe Criss Coalition Chairperson Rashid Mahiya Says the heavy state security presence in the major cities and towns of Zimbabwe is not about Covid-19 but to suppress people.

In an interview with eNCA on Friday, Mahiya said if it was about coronavirus, Zimbabwe’s health sector would be functional with enough medicine, personal protective equipment to protect nurses in the forefront of fighting the virus

The lockdown is about the fear of losing power, closing the democratic space for citizens to express themselves and ensuring that citizens do not enjoy constitutional rights.

Mahiya said there was more turnout from the army and police that the citizens who had planned the demos however a number of people were arrested and some have not been accounted for.

The situation of Zimbabwe is worsening, the social services are collapsing, the infant mortality rate has increased about 8 out of 20 new born babies die at birth.

Citizens have the power to inform the government about how bad the situation in the country is and also change the government if its not meeting the required standards.