Dr Masimba Mavaza says the Zimbabwean government will not compensate white farmers for the land but for the development they did on the land and the livestock they left which Zimbabwe is now benefiting on.

He said that the government will not pay the money anytime soon but will have to budget for it and pay the farmers once the funds have been raised.

Dr Mavaza said that it is out of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s kindness that the decision was made to compensate white farmers to show that Zimbabweans are civil and they appreciate the development that was done on their land.

He said that the Government is aware that the money could be useful in developing Zimbabwe and help in fighting Covid 19 but this is a big step towards convincing the British to pay the money to Zimbabwe for compensation as per the Lancaster House Conference agreement in 1979.

Dr Mavaza said that compensating white farmers for the development they made on the land they stole will also help in showing th world that Zimbabwe is a kind and thankful nation which will in turn, open international economic opportunities for Zimbabwe.