CHAOS In MDC-T As Khupe Replaces Recalled MPs and Senators with her Bulawayo friends

CHAOS has brocken out in the MDC-T, Zimbabwe ‘s largest opposition party after Acting President Dr Thokozani Khuphe was accused by members of her party of having replaced recalled MPs and Senetors with her Bulawayo friends.

The list of new MPs and Senators has became so contentious that it was not released during the Press Conference held yesterday by MDC-T Spokesman Khaliphani Phugeni at Harvest House in Harare.

Inside sources revealed that most of the people on the list are Khupe ‘s friends from Bulawayo and the Mwonzora Faction feels sidelined.

9 Senetors Court Case

The court Case brought by 9 senetors against the MDC-T was heard yesterday and judgement will be delivered yesterday.


The 31 July Congress is likely to be postponed as the MDC-T has approached the Supreme Court seeking a variation in the face of the coronavirus and the curfew by ED Mnangagwa.

This means Khuphe is likely to be at the helm of the party up to 2021.