Prophet Tom Tirivangani says Emmerson Mnangagwa is a bigger trouble for Zimbabwe thus God is giving him his final warning as his years of deception can no longer stand.

Prophet Tom said it is the final warning that God is sending to Mnangagwa on his evil deeds and oppression of Zimbabweans thus if he fails to remove himself God will remove him disgracefully.

He said God has removed the title his Excellency from Emmerson Mnangagwa because he is finished he is no longer excellent in his eyes.

The man of God said Mnangagwa is the Pharaoh of Zimbabwe thus God is demanding he lets go of his people.

He said no state security forces can stop people, he can lockdown the nation but he cannot lockdown people’s freedom because God has come to rescue them.

The man of God said there is a demon of fear in the country thus he has called up everyone to believe in the almighty as he saw angels being sent to rescue Zimbabweans.

He added that there is a demon of jealousy in Zimbabwe which people should get out of thus everyone should unite for the glory of God to take its course.

Prophet Tom said whether there are demonstrations or not Zimbabwe will be liberated from the hand of Pharaoh.