Zimbabwe Citizens Forum (ZCF) national co-ordinator, Mr Taurai Gakanje says the 31 July national protest organiser Jacob Ngarivhume is not his real name he is Jacob Chengedzani.

Gakanje said Ngarivhume changed his surname because he engages in short deals that are corrupt, he was working for Shungu trust where he misplaced some funds

In 2007 the orgaiser of the 31 July national protest was called Jacob Chengedzani not Ngarivhume thus he does not have an actual character he might after mobilising people to demonstrate.

Ngarivhume has been paid, recently the American embassy gave about $350 000 to an organization called Women Institute for Leadership Development to fund Ngarivhume and the demos.

He said Ngarivhume contested in the presidential 2018 elections as a candidate after leaving MDC Alliance in Bikita and he had more than 2000 votes from the whole of Zimbabwe

Ngarivume is trying to mobilise more than 16 million people to rise against a constitutionally elected leader while he failed to mobilise people to vote for him in 2018.

Gakanje said it is high time the people of Zimbabwe learnt from their past against being used by people and nations seeking to score cheap political goals.