Mako shared how he opened his account with the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange on his YouTube channel with all the Zimbabweans who wanted to reap rewards in a long time and generations to come.

He said he went to the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange site were he chose a broker. They had all their information there. Maki chose Lynton Edwards and emailed them asking them how to go about when opening an account with them.

Lynton responded in a short space of time and they sent him two attachments that he was supposed to fill in and return to them.

It was a document that was stating all the requirements and what happens when you buy or sell shares. When you are buying shares you incur 1.693% of the money. These are the brokage fees. They also gave him their bank details, when he had money he put in their Stanbic account and he had to phone them to ask if they saw the money.

The second attachment for was a form of what was needed to open an account as an individual. Who you are, where you stay, where you live, national identification, proof of residence and two passport size photos.

Then there was a follow up email from another person, that recommended what was needed. The lady communicated with him on his account.

At the end he asked to meet with the Managing Director was given a go ahead. The manager explained all that Mako wanted to know and what to expect.