Rachel J, the wife of former deputy finance minister Terrence Mukupe is a musician, dancer and model.

Rachel J was born in Kwekwe but grew up in Gweru as an orphan under the care of her grandmother.

She relocated to SA for school and greener pastures.

Rachel is known for her notoriety through provocative lyrics and videos in her music with the latest being Ngoro featuring Enzo Ishall which was banned by the censorship board of Zimbabwe.

Rachel is a Harare billboards model and singer, she promoted her song Makwikwi featuring Soul Jah love, Sniper, Squanda with six greater billboards.

She is also a gospel artist, with her album Triumph dedicated to her grandmother.

In 2018 , Rachel wonan award at the Zim Models awards.

Some of her interests are in mining, family and many other businesses which operate under the name J Rach investments.

She is also involved in charity work.

Rachel is pregnant and is due in two weeks however, Terrence who broke the news on social media is accusing prophet Bushiri of impegnanting his wife.