WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the next General to be moved by Mnangagwa in the Zimbabwe Military. Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that Mnangagwa will be moving current commander Anselem Sanyatwe, either to be an Ambassador position in a foreign country or to the position of Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (CDF) position. The sources say Zimbabwe CDF, Valerio Sibanda, will be moved to the Vice Presidency and Mohadi will be retired for health reasons.

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1. Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that current Zimbabwe National Army commander, Anselem Sanyatwe will soon be retired and will be sent to an ambassadorial post.
2. The original plan was to promote Sanyatwe to the ZDF commander however, this seems to have changed.
3. Valerio Sibanda will soon be retiring and will be made Vice President
4. Anselem Sanyatwe was appointed on 19 October 2023.
5. Sanywatwe was formerly the Commander of the Presidential Guard.
6. Sanyatwe replaced Lieutenant General David Sigauke.
7. 9. In 2018, Sanyatwe was promoted to Major General from Brigadier General.
8. In 2019, Sanyatwe was retired by Mnangagwa and was sent to a diplomatic posting to Tanzania together with Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba, the defence forces inspector general , Air Vice Marshal Shebba Shumbayawonda and army chief of staff Major General Martin Chedondo.
9. 7. Deceased Generals to be buried on Sunday at 5 Brigade Kwekwe. The funeral parade will be held at 5 Brigade Kwekwe on Sunday. A combined funeral parade for Brigadier General Shadreck Vezha, Major Thabani Ncube, Major Mqondisi Gumbo and Sergeant Learnmore Chakabaiwa, who all died in an accident in Battlefields along the Harare – Bulawayo highway will be held on Sunday at 5 Brigade in Kwekwe. According to ZDF Director General Policy, Public Relations and International Affairs, Brigadier General Augustine Chipwere burial arrangements will be announced in due course.
10. Shumirai Moyo’s body has arrived in Zimbabwe and she will be buried in Rutenga on Sunday. Mnangagwa revealed that before Shumirai left for Ireland she was working in the party as an activist
11. Shumirai was the son of the top Zimbabwe intelligence officer, Isaac Moyo and was the founder of Youth Business League Zimbabwe
12. Over 100 graves vandalised at Warren Hills cemetery.
13. Shumirai died at the age of 41 and is survived by 2 sons, Munyaradzi and Derrick.
14. Mnangagwa consoleed Munyaradzi and Derrick the sons of Shumirai Moyo. Chiwenga and Mohadi were also present.
15. Marilyn and Kurauone Chihota granted bail who got married on 21 November 2017. the two had an ante naptuil contract.
16. Kurauone runs Breeze Court Investments 55 PL.
17. Marilyn owned shares in Nopix Ventures PL in Tanzania and Umoja Fund PL in Tanzania.
18. The couple were married in South Africa but never lived there as they were settled in Zimbabwe.
19. The two had a dispute during the divorce of a house in Glen Lorne that was bought in the name of Kurauone.
20. Kurauone Chihota was implicated in NSSA coruption together with to government officials.