Gambakwe media sources have revealed that Ginimbi was arrested twice over the past few weeks.

Our sources say Ginimbi was arrested because Zimbabwe intelligence agents (CIOs) who were tracking an MDC meeting that was planning a demo, found a car registered in his name at the venue.

When the CIO called Ginimbi on his cellphone, he reportedly dismissed then thinking it was someone trying to play a joke. Ginimbi reportedly told them he did not own that car and put down the phone on them.

Our source says the car is registered in Ginimbi’s name but is being driven by a member of his family.

When he arrived at the police station to report as required by his bail conditions, Ginimbi was then arrested on the new charges of undervaluing his other newly imported car.

The arrest of Ginimbi shows that Zimbabwe intelligence are fully aware of any planned MDC demos, meaning the MDC is heavily infiltrated even within the lower ranks.