ZFC Cries Foul as Partner Awards Tender to a New Player

The Emmerson Mnangagwa led government has allegedly shunned its partner Zimbabwe Fertiliser Company (ZFC) to participate in the Presidential Inputs Scheme (PIS) whilst secretly awarding the tender to Fertiliser Seeds and Grain Company (FSG).

The PIS lucrative tender of US$400 million was given to FSG, in a shady transaction in which responsible government officials claimed they did not know the company despite signing away the money to it.

In an interview, Managing Director Richard Dafana said they discussed the PIS with the ministry but never got an opportunity to apply for the tender.

“The Presidential Input Scheme was discussed that it was going to happen but we did not see adverts or hear anything further about the tenders.

We heard that FSG was awarded the contract and we do not know who gave them,” he said.

The Company’s MD added that they have knocked on all doors and as they stand, they are not aware of who the contracting party is even though the company has supplied every year with government doing an audit of the prior contracts.

However, reports show that government awarded FSG the tender and a five year contract even though their prices are pegged at $900/tonne whilst local owned companies are on $500/tonne