8 Couples We Admired On Facebook But Never Lasted.

1.Zaleekah and Anonzi Xnder

Zhaleekah Khan and Alexander Mutumwa were one of the HipHop Power Couples. They used to post each other and attended functions together.

2.Stunner and Pokello

Desmond Chideme and Pokello Nare were relationship goals.After the leak of their tape , they stood together and dated for more two years before Pokello dumped him on BBA:The Chase.

3.Summer rose and Kuda Chamisa

The love story which made Zimbabweans to believe in internet daing. They dated for some time and chronicled their whole journey together on facebook. To make it even more better , they visited each other across Europe and Australia.

4.Tytan and Olinda

Njabulo Nkomo and Olinda Chapel’s story was romantic. Tytan did a song Ndichakubata Bho after Olinda’s heart was broken. The two’s problems were always aired on facebook but they would stand with each other publicly. However Tytan played too much with his cheating and Olinda got tired of being embrassed and they divorced on facebook.

5.Pokello and Elikem

Their Big Brother love story touched hearts of many. They slayed and made money moves together across Africa. They even had a traditional wedding and a son. Up to now we really do not know why they separated.

6.Olinda Chapel and Stunner

Fairytale kind of relationship. They met in UK whilst Stunner was on tour and they quickly got married. They will post pictures of themselves and Olinda paying for Stunner’s new glowed up lifestyle. Most men dreamt to be Des for a minute and later they had the worst breakup on Facebook.

7.Kuda Chamisa and Mitchell Majuru

This Australian based duo was the most talked about on facebook the other year. Kuda Chamisa was always posting his girl and taking her to his shows. They were getting all sorts of attention because of their diaspora kind of love.We just woke up the other day and seeing no relationship goals on our newsfeeds.

8.Kuda Choto and Gugu Madzivanyika

They had an amazing engagement party which took over facebook years ago.Months after the birth of their son , the couple deleted each others photos on their profiles.Gugu started posting shady posts which were directed to the ex fiance