WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the supreme court case where the Zimbabwe military has been reinstated after being fired in 2017.

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1. Mnangagwa complains about sanctions in South Korea
2. South Korea is a democratic country while Mnangagwa is leading a despotic country that rigs elections and kills political opponents.
3. South Africa has been able to advance using technology, good governance and education.
4. Supreme court in Zimbabwe has reinstated 5 soldiers who were dismissed for stealing food rations in August 2017. The five soldiers are Collin Chiba, Charles Mhuri, Bothwell Gorekore, Blessing Murambaroro, Gibson Madzinga.
5. The soldiers were dismissed despite being acquitted by court martial.
6. A board of suitability recommended the firing of the soldiers in 2018 even though they had been acquitted by a court martial.
7. Lawyers representing the soldiers requesting the record of the proceedings but the the BOS refused to provide it.
8. Fake passports being created to facilitate the smuggling of vehicles into Zimbabwe.
9. Harare car dealer, Lovemore Kudzanai Mafusire to appear in court today after using the documents of non existent people to register vehicles.
10. SADC declares Madagascar election free and fair.
11. SADC meeting of women responsible for women affairs in Luanda Angola
12. Over 9000 money changers have been arrested since the introduction of the ZIG.
13. Zimbabwe launches Capital Markets Association
14. Ishmael Amuli has revealed that rituals were performed on Moana in Malawi before her death in November 2020.
15. Amuli has revealed that he sees Moana in his dreams.
16. Amuli says he wants Ginimbi’s father, Anderson to come and apologise and pay his condolenses.
17. 18. Linda Masarira forgives her husband.
18. Wolves player Tawanda Chirewa does not have a Zimbabwean passport
19. ZIG Swipe for Cash available at Homelink branches
20. Dikeledi Moema who worked for Ramaphos and her son Fidelis in court for stealing over R16,6 million of students bursary funds.
21. Dikeledi Moema who is 66 years old was a chief director in the Presidency’s office sine 2011.
22. Storms hit South Africa in KZN, seven dead
23. ANC leaders in a closed day meeting
24. Fitch warns ANC, MK and EFF against adopting radical policies.