The wife of the late Elvis Nyathi who was burnt to death in South Africa has been getting help from Ezra Tshisa Sibanda.

Taking to Facebook, Tshisa said he has not stopped taking care of Nyathi family since his death two years ago.

Tshisa through crowd funding managed to build a two roomed house in Ntabazinduna for Elvis’s wife and kids. He also organised birth certificates and enrolled the kids back at school.

Sibanda also managed to get Nyathi’s wife employed at a amusement centre close to her house which has been helping her look after her kids.

Tshisa said:

2 years ago, Elvis Nyathi was killed in the Xenophobic attack in South Africa. He was beaten and burnt alive by a mob of demonstrators in Diepsloot, Johannesburg on 6th of April 2022. Some residents from Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg went on a rampage accusing Zimbabwean nationals of being behind crime in the area. Elvis left behind his wife Nomsa Tshuma with 4 children. The wife was so traumatised that she still doesn’t want to return to SA let alone visit Mzansi. 7 men were arrested and charged for the murder of Elvis and were later released on bail.

This page, through crowd funding managed to build a home (2 rooms in Ntabazinduna) for Mrs Elvis Nyathi and her children. We also organised birth certificates for the kids and put them back in school in the area. Mrs Nyathi and her children have been supported by this page since then and we rely on the kindness and love from well-wishers who have been donating food here and there to support this young family. Mrs Nyathi was left with nothing when her husband was killed and received no financial support from anybody. Mrs Nyathi has no parents or siblings but has ubabomdala who brought her up when her parents died.

We have been taking Mrs Nyathi for counselling sessions in the last 2 years. l’m happy she is now feeling much better and has finally accepted her loss. She told me she was feeling strong and ready to work to take care of her children. This page approached a very good and kind gentleman Mr Abed Dube who opened an Amusement Centre ACAJA Entertainment in Ntabazinduna to employ Mrs Nyathi. The place is just 5 minutes walk from her home. Dube didnt hesitate and offered her a job to cook for guests frequenting the place. Seeing her picture at work and her smile made me shed a tear.

I’m so proud of her and l wish her the best in her new job. She started her new job exactly 2 years to the day her husband was killed. Thank you Dube and family for the love, l really appreciate you and big up my loving sister Nobuhle Virgie Foundation for always being there for me #ezratshisa4life