South African based political analyst Ibbo Mandaza says the government should honour the late musician Oliver Mtukudzi.

Mandaza suggested that a shrine be built at Oliver’s resting place to honour him to posterity.

“Just been listening to an hour of Oliver Mtukudzi’s music on one of the radio channels. I am reminded and provoked to raise again, as I did when Oliver left us on 23 January 2019, that Zimbabweans should honour this man to posterity as one of our national icons, by erecting a requisite shrine at his burial place.

“See, for example, how Hugh Masekela, who died on the same date a year earlier in (23 January) 2018, has been honoured with an amazing shrine. Let’s start now, calling as I do on our community of cultural workers and musicians to take the lead. I hereby commit to contribute to the venture,” he said.