ZANU PF senior official Christopher Mutsvangwa has addressed opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s resignation from CCC.

Speaking at a press conference, Mutsvangwa said Chamisa should not forget that if he starts a new party he still has enemies in the courts, among judges.

He said: “Chamisa if it is starting a new political party, remember you have enemies in the courts, among judges.

“We said it again over the CCC, Chamisa has fled his job. We tell Chamisa that you went and wrestled power in this party and said the party is called, Wapusa Wapusa and said you will listen to no one, except foreigner who send you. But now you’ve been bitten by your own animal. The organisation has chased you away now. Now that you are gone, you must know that those who wanted to investigate you now have opportunity to peep inside your organisation when you were leading. There are people with grievances, with w9unds inside. They want to know what happened to the movement of money. The courts in this country stand for everyone without partiality. No one stops the court from ruling. So I don’t know if you are going to start a new party without knowledge to build, because you stole this party from others. But now the role is now yours to go build your beginning with the first brick. I want to see your wisdom; but don’t forget that inside the courts you have enemies; there are people who have wounds, who have grievances with you… “.