In a Bizzare case, B-Metro reports that a Bulawayo man, Norman Nheta has taken lobola from two men in exchange for his daughter, Rejoice’s virginity.

The first man, Tawanda Makwiramiti, who was not allowed to sleep with Rejoice since 2019, has now taken Nheta to court demanding back his lobola amounting to over $USD3000.

Rejoice is now pregnant with the child of Laurence Alexander Muza, her new ‘husband’, who recently paid lobola for her after she became pregnant.

Speaking to the newspaper, Tawanda said he met Rejoice August 2019 and got engaged with her after a year in August 2020. He paid USD16000 in January 2021, USD500 for groceries an and a further USD820 in August 2021. During all this time, Tawanda was not allowed to sleep with Rejoice who continued to stay at home because her father, Nheta, said she was still a virgin.

Attempts to resolve the issue by the family of Tawanda hit a brick wall.

On 10 December 2023, Tawanda found out that Rejoice was pregnant with another man’s child after she confessed that she was not a virgin. He and his friends went to Nheta’s house in Cowdray Park where they gatecrashed the traditional marriage ceremony of Rejoice and Laurence, resulting in Rejoice opening a police case against him.

Please read the full story in this week’s B-Metro newspaper- 22 December 2023.