Court clarifies the status of Chamisa and Sengezo Tshabangu


In this video commentary, Gambakwe argues that Sengezo Tshabangu has been lying and misleading the people of Matabeleland about being the CCC Interim Secretary General.

CCC vs Tshabangu

Key points from the judgement.

1. The court has not agreed that Sengezo is the CCC Interim Secretary general

2. The court has not made a determination on the lack of a date on the signature of the CCC constitution

3. The Mutevedzi judgement was not accepted as it is under appeal.

4. The court has said it is not neccessary for Chamisa to file an affidavit

5. The court has found that Sengezo’s constitution is inconsistent

6. The court has found that CCC is a properly registered political party

7. The court has accepted the resolutions of the CNA and the signature of nelson Chamisa therein.

8. Chamisa does not have to file any affidavits.


1. There is political interference in this case

2. Sengezo will be used by ZANU-PF but will eventually be dethroned by the courts

3. However, the damage will already have been done and Chamisa needs to deal with the matter at a political level.