Self appointed CCC Secretary General, Sengezo Tshabangu spoke to Zenzele Ndebele at CITE about his life and politics.

Key points from the Interview

  1. Tshabangu said he does not run the four twitter accounts that are posting under his name. His own Twitter account is not active.
  2. When the MDC split, Tshabangu said he had the difficult decision to choose between Gibson Sibanda and Welshman Ncube on one side and tsvangirai on the other side.
  3. Welshman Ncube offered Welshman Ncube a scholarship in 2005 when he chose to go with Tsvangirai.
  4. Ncube identified him after he saw how vibrant he was.
  5. During the split, Tshabangu said he organised the first rally for Tsvangirain in Victoria Falls.
  6. Tshabangu said he is the one who advised Tsvangirai to put his face on the logo at a meeting held Rainbow Hotel.
  7. Tshabangu said Grace Kwinjeh is the one who started the name MDC.
  8. Tshabangu said he respect the MDC founders, Biti, Ncube and Lovemore Madhuku.
  9. Tshabangu said Chamisa’s face is the registered intellectual face of the CCC and they will continue using it. They will stop Chamisa from using that face.
  10. Tshabangu said he will challenge Chamisa in court if he tries to use the CCC logo with his face.
  11. Tsbangu says he has the letter and affidavit of the person who appointed him.
  12. The challenge is that there is no one from Harare who wants a united Matabeleland.
  13. Tsbangu said Ncube, Gorden Moyo and Khupe had previously pulled out, this time he says people from Matabeleland will not pull out.
  14. We have been treated unfairly as people from Matabelelend. We are being disrespected. People feel that If the Ndebeles unite they will take over.
  15. Ostallos is a small boy, doing student politics. He can not be in the leadership and does not have substance.
  16. Chamisa is our Presidential candidate, unless he is incapacitated.
  17. I cancelled the rally in Chitungwiza in coordination with Chamisa.
  18. None of the top leaders in the CCC have ever put out an affidavit that I am not the Interim Secretary General of the CCC.
  19. Criminals around Chamisa sent people to spoil the votes during the by-elections.
  20. ZANU-PF capitalised on the divisions but I am not controlled by ZANU-PF.
  21. Hwende has asked for dialogue, he is reading my script.
  22. The silence of Biti means a lot.
  23. There is one CCC. At the end of the day by 2028 there will be one CCC.
  24. Chamisa has the capacity and ability to lead and hear those who can not agree with him.
  25. Chamisa is the President, Ncube the First Vice President, Biti the second Vice President, Thabita Khumalo the Chairperson, Kore the Third Vice President…
  26. Hwende agreed on my appointment in his place on an interim basis.
  27. What Chamisa will be saying at rallies are political statements.
  28. Legal fees are being funded by the business community and the Diaspora.
  29. Adv Uriri did not charge me for the first appearance.
  30. Tshabangu says he opened the CCC bank account.
  31. The will not reveal the signatories but there is a standing resolution.
  32. There is an acting treasurer but Tshabangu wont reveal.
  33. We received the money from the EU and also ZANU-PF. Our polling agents are not paid. The money is $2.5 million.
  34. Parliament will sent CCC funds to the CBZ account.
  35. Tshabangu has written to the speaker of Parliament and Hlatswayo is the leader of the House.
  36. The focus now is on making parliament, municipalities work again. Tshabangu will investigate the behaviour that happened in Parliament.
  37. Opposition in Zimbabwe should perform like the opposition in the UK.


Please watch the video above this post for more details.