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Brothers and Sisters, I know that most of us here fought for our freedom. 

I was also part of the freedom fighters, of freeing our oppressed people.

What I dislike is that South Africans easily forget that we were oppressed.

As it is, we are still under the yoke of the oppressor.

As time has progressed, the people leading who are leading us are not known. its now criminals.

I don’t want to say a lot now, because we may be accused of attacking some people.

As we campaign, we should be aware that politics is not about attacking people. This is the mistake that most politicians make. I say to you today that we should be telling people what we will be delivering for them. We should present the facts, as you educated people know.

You see, us black people were oppressed since colonisation. Unfortunately, our freedom is now being blocked by some of our own. I don’t want to name names.

I am only here to greet. Its only a few months to the elections. I told the nation that  I will not vote for the ANC of Ramaphosa, we will to rescue it from the mud, whether they like it or not.

The ANC is not owned by anyone, its for all South Africans. All ANC members should be free, should be free to speak and should be free to help our fellow South Africans.

We will be speaking  as it is only 5 months or so left before the time of the elections. If those who are talking about here ask us what they have done wrong,  we will tell them. As I said in the beginning , I would like to ask these politicians not to attack us, because if they go down that road, we will match them.

Let them be quiet. let them Zip their mouths.

My fellow South Africans, I told the nation that we will not vote for the ANC of Ramaphosa, we will vote for the MK. Some people do not know what is MK. In fact, some people make the mistake of thinking that when they became leaders, they were are now gods. We will show them how wrong they are.

We will explain what this MK is all about when we start campaigning. This MK will do something very big. This MK had discipline, this MK was respectful, this MK was sacrificing. Many of our people died. Discipline will  be a big thing going forward.

I would like to warn those who think they can fight, we will expose them. They should remember that I am fast with the knobkerrie , I was a herder.

South Africans must respect MK, because of the way we respect ourself. MK should not just talk. We will throw those who just talk out.

I say to you brothers and sisters, If we are corrupt,  people will not vote for us. I am clean, I don’t know corruption. Lets build a country that is respected worldwide as MK. I say, As MK respect yourself. Do you hear me? Anyone who disrespects MK , we will toss them out. We will eventually explain  what is this MK. 

When we make decisions. we decide. We want enough votes to change the law.

When Ramaphosa was elected, we made many important resolutions. We said the Reserve bank should be nationalised. We will soon explain to the nation why we said we will not vote for the ANC of Ramaphosa, we will expose Ramaphosa, we will expose him and why he is not really the ANC leader. 

I say to you brothers and sisters, when you are in the MK, you are at home. We will be fixing our country. We will expose him.

I was only here to greet, I see that you are standing in the rain, I will end here. Thank you all.