MAHERE: CCC Recalls Do Not Fix Chamisa, They Fix Every Zimbabwean.

Citizens Coalition for Change MP for Mt Pleasant Constituency Fadzayi Mahere said that the ongoing recalls of the party’s legislators and councillors by imposter Sengezo Tshabangu is an attack on democracy.

Tshabangu declared himself CCC interim secretary-general last month and since then, he has been haphazardly recalling the party’s MPs and councillors claiming that they have ceased to be members of the party.

Posting on Twitter this Wednesday, Mahere said the recalls are not a problem of CCC alone or its leader Nelson Chamisa.

Mahere said the Tshabangu rampage will leave every Zimbabwean at the mercy of a violent, corrupt, dictatorial regime as there won’t be an alternative voice in Parliament to curb the ZANU PF-led Government’s excesses.
She said:

“I wish people could open their eyes. This is not a CCC problem.

It’s a Zimbabwe problem.

Who suffers when they’re in Parliament with no counter-voice, nobody challenging the budget, nobody holding Ministers to account, nobody challenging corruption, nobody debating legislation, nobody speaking out against abductions, nobody holding State institutions to account and nobody concerned about the raging injustice and crippling poverty?
We all do.

The recalls don’t fix Adv Nelson Chamisa. They fix every single Zimbabwean who’s left at the mercy of a violent, corrupt, dictatorial regime.

We all have a duty to fight this acidic attack on Parliament. It’s truly a battle for the soul of the nation, said Mahere.

On Tuesday, 14 November, Tshabangu recalled 13 MPs and 5 senators.