Acie Lumumba shares 10 red flags men must look out for when choosing partners

Businessman and political activist Acie Lumumba has shared ten red flags men must look out for when choosing their partners.

Taking to social media, Lumumba said men should watch out for women who do not change anything in their lives.

Dear Father who still have their children,

Stay woke, here are the #redflags
1. The Emotional Manipulator
If she uses emotional blackmail, guilt-tripping, or gaslighting to control you, be cautious. She’s an expert at twisting words and situations to make you doubt your own perception of reality.

2. The Narcissist
If she’s self-centered and lacks empathy, seeing you merely as an extension of herself, take note. Your needs and feelings will always be secondary to her own desires. She craves constant admiration and will belittle you if you don’t provide it.

3. The Jealous Type
If she’s perpetually insecure and requires constant reassurance, be wary. Her jealousy isn’t just about other potential romantic interests; she may also be jealous of your success, friendships, or any attention that isn’t directed towards her.

4. The Control Freak
If she wants to dictate every aspect of your life, from what you wear to who you interact with, that’s a red flag. This type of lover stifles your individuality and freedom, often under the guise of “caring” for you.

5. The Eternal Victim
If she always sees herself as the victim, regardless of the situation, be alert. This mindset allows her to evade responsibility for her actions, making it difficult for you to address issues constructively.

6. The Passive-Aggressive Partner
If she avoids addressing issues openly and resorts to indirect communication and covert actions, that’s problematic. This creates a toxic environment where problems are never truly resolved.

7. The Serial Cheater
If she lacks emotional commitment and integrity, engaging in infidelity to escape relationship issues or boost her ego, that’s a serious concern. This often leads to emotional trauma for you.

8. The Financial Leech
If she sees you as a means to a financial end, be cautious. She’ll have no qualms about exploiting your resources for her benefit, often without reciprocation.

9. The Critic
If nothing you do is ever good enough for her, that’s a warning sign. She’ll belittle your achievements, criticize your actions, and undermine your self-esteem, often publicly.

10. The Ghoster
If she avoids confrontation and difficult conversations by disappearing or becoming emotionally unavailable, that’s a red flag. She leaves you in a state of limbo, unsure of where you stand in the relationship.

Recognizing these toxic archetypes in a partner is the first step in mastering your personal life. It empowers you to make informed decisions, either to seek improvement in your current relationship or to move on to healthier pastures. Remember, the goal is to find a partner who complements your journey towards life mastery, not one who hinders it.