Scores of Zimbabweans lose millions to E-Creator founder Zhao Jiaotong

A number of Zimbabweans are feared to have lost their money after investing large sums in the E-creator pyramid schemes.

Posting on its website E-Creator, said Zhao Jiaotong the founder of E-Creator has been involved in fraudulent activities, prompting the closure of the platform.

Zhao had been withdrawing funds from E-Creator through Ecocash agents in Harare.

He would then transfer the money to his personal Ecocash account or use various methods to deceive E-Creator employees into providing him with funds.

Zhao reportedly tried to leave Zimbabwe yesterday, carrying all the deposits of E-creator employees.

“Due to his departure, E-creator was forced to close. I am very sorry. He has more than 1 million US dollars on him. If you find him at the airport or on the border road, you will get back the money you lost. Let us all find him and get back the money that belongs to us”, read the statement.