The USA has began implementing sanctions on South Africa following the fallout over the Ukraine War.

David Feldman, spokesman at the US embassy told the Star Newspaper that the Presidential Emergency plan for emergency AIDS relief(Pepfar) is an important pilllar in South Africa’s fight against AIDS.

However, the USA appears to have stopped funding some NGOs running programs under Pepfar.

Professor Francois Venter, of the Wits Ezintsha health unit, said he once ran a very large Pepfar program but currently received no financial support from the Pepfar program.

Another program African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) , is in jeopardy following accusations by US ambassador Reuben Brigety that South Africa supplied weapons to Russia, when the Russian ship, Lady R, docked at Simon’s Town last month.

Please read the full story in today’s Sartuday Star Newspaper – 27 May 2023.