Stanley Gama says Elizabeth Tsvangirai turned her husband mansion into a BnB to preserve his legacy

Prominent Journalist Stanley Gama has revealed that Morgan Tsvangirai’s widow Elizabeth bought her husband’s mansion and turned it into a BnB to preserve his legacy.

In a Twitter thread, Gama revealed that the restaurant is awaiting licensing to be operational however,  the AirBnB is already taking in guests.

He said the BnB will have a library in honour of Morgan Tsvangirai which will be competed in the near future.

This comes after ZANU PF officials were housed at the mansion last week during Nigerian pastor Chris Okafor’s visit leading to Elizabeth being accused of negleting her husband’s legacy.

“Maintaining that property needs thousands every month. Imagine if the house had been neglected the headline wld be: Tsvangirai mansion neglected. Pple must check facts before rushing to slander innocent pple like they did to Elizabeth”, said Gama.