‘Taffy The Man’ speaks about Holy Ten ‘s wife

Popular comedian, Taffy The Man, has spoken about the widely distributed pictures of Holy Ten ‘s wife, Kimberly Richards with her ex boyfriends.

Please see some of the published pictures and videos are below.

After seeing the pictures, Taffy wrote:

What’s happening to Holy 10 is “Painful”
The pain of seeing pictures of your woman naked with onother guy is unbearable wether it’s past or present
I don’t wish this on anyone
Clearly Mujaya underestimated the “War” that he started
I openly reprimanded him (in love) when he was dissing Winky D but i am human enough to not kick a man when he is down
Chero akaita benzi rakaita sei,Holy mfana wedu vakomana
Musamudaro guys,honai akutanda botso takatarira
I understand your anger if you’re enjoying zviri kuitika kwaari,but i am simply asking you to be a Human Being

And i hope zvese izvi haisi “organized disorder ” for clout
Coz if it is Jesu ngavachidzoka zvavo nyika ivharwe team Gehena iyende zvayo kumotošŸ™Œ