Mudiwa Hood starts a security company

Musician and business man Mudiwa Hood reveals that he is the founder/CEO (Chief executive officer) of security company called Bisep Security.

MUDIWA HOOD : – “If it is money that you want in your life, then it is not money that you are suppose to be chasing.


When you build, build in silence the enemy will not know what to attack.

This principle has made me to shy away from sharing a lot about things I own and my other companies.

Today i have decided to share a little about a company i founded and partnered two young men i met in the comment section few years ago.

The company is called Bisep Security.

Our website is

The CEO is Mudiwa Hood

It specializes in VIP Security, Guarding services across a variety of sectors(residential, Commercial and industrial sectors) as well as providing security services like CIT and security equipment like CCTVs etc.

I have two young men, who are my partners, who are under 30. Very young, vibrant and raring to go. We have managed to grow the company to servicing 7 companies and 18 homes every month, and we now have 57 security staff on the ground.

We will advertise for more staff, I will keep you updated!

When the dream is BOLD enough FACTS do not matter!!

Whatever it is you are passionate about and you are determined it shall get you the right moneys you want, go for it!!”

Mudiwa Hood