Dr Shingi Munyeza reinstated by the EFZ

Popular cleric, Dr  Shingi Munyeza appears to have been reinstated by the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe.

Dr Munyeza will be a key speaker for the EFZ on 5 May 2022.

Dr Munyeza stepped down from the church that he founded, the Borrowdale Community Church, after he admitted to cheating on his wife with numerous slay queens.

The church has struggled without his leadership, resulting in massive loses and hemmoraghe of members.

The return of Dr Munyeza will be controversial, but will be welcomed by many of his followers who have accepted his public apology.

Dr Munyeza became the first public Zimbabwe figure to step down after being exposed for sexual immorality.

It is common in Zimbabwe, for clerics to just continue as usual when exposed, without even offering a simple apology to their families and church members.

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