WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the supreme and ultimate spiritual leader of Zimbabwe , Murenga, who is the provider of protection , fertility and food.

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Two critical facts

It is important not to confuse the historical figures with the history of the Zimbabwe God, Murenga.

Zimbabwean do not have name and totems. The current totems were created and are of no spiritual significance.

Murenga has became more significant and the original powers that took over in Zimbabwe understood the significance of the spiritual leader of Zimbabwe.

we will start by looking at the coat of arms of the Zimbabwe national Army, then we will look at the nature of Murenga and why there is a curse over Zimbabwe. Then I will provide my solution for Zimbabwe.

– Murenga is not worshipped/Murenga has no Chiefs/rituals etc.
– Murenga speaks through an audible voice
– Murenga moves from objects to people
– Murenga is not easily offended.
– Morenga hates sexual immorality/ Madhunamutuna


1. Murenga is the founder spirit of Zimbabwe. Murenga is bigger than any President or any other political figure in Zimbabwe.
2. Murenga arrived in Egypt from Iran/Iraq and fought the Egyptian army.
3. In the battle, Murenga lept up grabbed a white spearfrom an Egyptian soldier that was on a camel and scattered Egyptian army.
4. Murenga is the guardian of the nation and his spirit communicates from the caves at Matopos, at Njelele.
5. His children called him Pfumojena, Soko.
6. After his death, the children of Murenga started to travel to the land of the long grass.
7. They started to hear Murenga’s voice in the grass. The voice would let them know what would happen the next day.
8. When they were hungry, they would pray for Sadza under the Mumvumira tree
9. Although the jungle was full of animals, the animals did not attack them because they were spiritual beings. The children of Murenga did not have names, they called each other “Iwe”
10. After the children rebelled, Murenga’s voice started to speak through a boy child, and he grew up.
11. The boy was called “Chinhu chiya Chaminuka”
12. On arrival in Zimbabwe, they found only birds and trees. Animals followed behind Murenga’s children.
13. Already, there were short people living in the area ( Zvimandionerepi). They did not know ehere the short people came from.
14. Murenga Was the son of Mambire, the son of Tovera (Tovela).
15. Murenga never made it to Guruuswa(Guniuswa) or Tanganyika (Arusha).
16. It is not known if Tovera or Murenga crossed the Zambezi river when the Shoko Mbire moved into Zimbabwe. Murenga communicated directly through a voice.
17. His children, Nehanda, Kaguvi and Chaminuka are the ones that communicate through mediums ( Mhondoro).
18. The famous medium of Nehanda is Charwe, who played an important role during both the first and second Chimurenga.
19. Murenga was the first and most important Zimbabwe spirit medium.
20. Any national war that Murenga ordered was called a Chimurenga.
21. Murenga was therefore the Commander in chief of the Zimbabwe military.
22. Charwe was from Domboshava, a significant spiritual centre in Zimbabwe.

Parting of water in the Zambezi waters

1. On arrival at the Zambezi
2. A woman called Biri parted the water allowing Zimbabweans to cross the water. Biri parted the waters of the Zambezi using her cloth.
3. On arrival at the great Zimbabwe, they build the Great Zimbabwe.
4. Before arrival at Dzivarasekwa, only Murenga had a name. People were only named after arrival at Dzivarasekwa before that they were called “iwe”.

Key people

Spirit medium Zinyamukuru
Gadziguru the mother of all Zimbabweans/Tovera

White lions have been seen in Zimbabwe

Spirit Mediums

1. Nehanda operates using a medium
2. No one who is not of the ‘Mhofu’ totem is allowed to handle, arrange or otherwise carry the ceremonial and other items belonging to the spirit medium.

important places/The 12 spiritual centres of Zimbabwe

1. Arusha
2. Mapungubwe
3. Great Zimbabwe ( Fell because of incest – makunakuna, a crime has been commited here). God stays in the stone enclosures. It was destroyed by fortune hunters.
4. Njelele ( Mabwe a Dziva)
5. Dzivarasekwa
6. Khami
7. Zambezi (Victoria Falls)
8. inyangani mountains
9. Domboshava
10. Chitakochemhuka (Gweru where Mutota lived)

Important people

1. Murenga/Pfumojena/Soko
2. Chaminuka
3. Biri na Ganyire
4. Mahungwe – Those who followed the coast (those are in Manicaland)
5. Matonga – Ruled by women, they sent women ahead.
6. Murozvi – Chigovanyika was the minister of lands ( Zimbabwe)
7. Luwanika migrated to be king of Zambia
8. Mwase settled in Malawi to be king
9. Some migrated to KZN, when they got to the coast they turned back and started to attack those who were left. They were called madzvti/Ma ndebele.
10. Mapondera – the last son of Mutota to rule.
11. Mashayamombe

Spirit Mediums

1. Murenga spoke through Chaminuka (Chinhu chiya chaminuka)
2. Murenga spoke through the Njerere bird at various Masvingos.
3. The fish eagle is the Njerere/Zimbabwe bird.


  1. Mnangagwa is trying to perform the 6 rituals of Mbuya Nehanda.
  2. The advisors of Mnangagwa do not understand the instructions.
  3. There are no chiefs in Zimbabwe. The current Chiefs are not spiritually significant.
  4. Any Zimbabwean can directly talk to God.
  5. The 10 spiritual centres are not of any special significant.
  6. The removal of colonial statues is more significant.
  7. Zimbabwe keeps repeating the same mistakes in a cyclical manner.