BREAKING : Khupe, Phugeni boycott week long MDC-T policy seminar held at same hotel they were staying

Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that MDC-T Vice President, Thokozani Khupe and her close ally, Sen. Khaliphani Phugeni, boycotted a week long policy seminar which was held by the party at the Holiday Inn, Harare, this week.

This is in spite of the fact that the two were staying at the same hotel at which the seminar was being held.

Khupe, who has taken MDC-T President, Douglas Mwonzora to court over her possible recall from Parliament , is said to have also been boycotting other key party meetings.

The source said Phugeni, who is also due to be recalled, will be replaced by MDC-T’s spokesman, Witness Dube.

MDC-T spokesman, Witness Dube will replace Khaliphani Phugeni as Bulawayo Senator

Private Whatsapp messages were seen by Gambakwe Media, in which Witness Dube was being congratulated for his new position by friends and relatives.

When asked by Gambakwe Media if he was aware of his new role as Bulawayo senator, an angry Dube slammed Gambakwe for publishing rumors.

This is no good journalism and you know it. Enough with these speculations flying all over, media and journalism must be about truth telling, not bar talk.

Refuse to be pushed to such waggish reportage, it doesn’t suit you. I’m sure you have more solid political stories you can pursue than this.

Khupe has lied again to the media by claiming that there was a standing committee this week in which she was not invited. It’s is all a lie.

There was no standing committee. She is in a standing committee group where notices are given. There was no such notice

Standing Committee Meeting

Another MDC-T leader who spoke on condition of anonymity said Khupe is now a serious problem in the MDC-T since she started having secret meetings with MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa.

He said she has became disruptive with her tendency for factional politics. ‘Mwonzora must recall her as soon as possible’, he said.

He also denied that there was any standing committee meeting last week and said Khupe is spreading lies as she is in the Standing Committee Whatsapp group.

‘The next Standing Committee meeting will be held on 21 December 2021 and Khupe has been avoiding meetings as she thinks she will be handed her recall letter at one of these meetings.’

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