Steven Deborah, founder at CPL property limited in Ghana speaks about how he started his construction company 19 years ago. Steven has built one of the most talked about housing projects in Accra, Ghana.

Steven said his family was not rich. He says CPL specialised in gated communities, single floor dwellings. Oasis Park is his first multi storey building.

Acquiring land 

Steven said at first he partnered with land owners. He created proposals and sold them to 2nd year doctors from the local hospitals and built houses for them after getting their deposits.

His first three projects were gated communities. Steven said at first he buiklt Garden Park which has over 100 units, in phases, after which he built the current Oasis Park, which has became the talk of the town.

Steven Debrah built 100 units in the gated Garden Park

Steven said he has never worked abroad, he went  for an Exchange program in Spain for one semester and returned home to Ghana after.


He said he did off plan marketing,  found clients and connected them with a bank. When the buyers paid the deposit, he built a few units and when they paid, built more units.

Steven says a project that should have taken him six months took him 2 years.


He says the biggest challenge was getting permits. When you do business in Ghana as a Ghanaian you are measured.


When he started the project, he says he would be at the office at 4am and would work all day.

He used the skill that he obtained from his previous job in different departments to manage his own project.



Oasis Park was built for people who come to Ghana and find no place to stay as there are only a few hotels.

Oasis Park had 120 units, so that when Ghanaians come to visit, they have somewhere to sleep.

The demand is higher than the supply. There are less than 5500 units on the market, and the demand is 180 000. Currently, there are only 3000 under construction.


Oasis Park has all the modern amenities including gyms, swimming pools and restaurants. The building is only 10 minutes drive from the airport.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.