WATCH LIVE : Chamisa is now out of touch and is taking his supporters for granted

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looks at the wide ranging  Chamisa interview on hearts and soul TV.

The interview clearly revealed thatt Chamisa is now out of touch with the situation on the ground and is taking his supporters for granted.

Key Points from the interview

1. Chamisa said ZANU-PF is panicking, the MDC Alliance is indestructible, it’s unconquerable.
2. Mnangagwa will not get to 2023.
3.  MDC-T of Mwonzora is a creation of ZANU-PF
4. The MDC is acknowledged internationally because they are the only game in town.
5. The party is not nameless, it’s MDC Alliance
6. We will have a distinct name, but will not reveal it.
7. ZANU-PF has invested more money than they have invested in education in attacking MDC Alliance.
8. Chamisa will not reveal the plan, but they have a plan.
9. The people who defected to ZANU-PF, like Chiroto, are not his people.
10. In 2018, we had all the V11s that needed to  prove their case.
11. In 2023, the military has a duty to salute the winner, if not, once bitten, twice shy.
12. There are no sanctions, the biggest sanctions is corruption.
13. The forex auction system is a form of corruption creating fake billionaires.
14. POLAD is not a legitimate platform for a conversation.
15. Real dialogue must be supervised by regional leaders. He has a dispute with Mnangagwa from the 2018 elections.
16. We don’t support the recent Ammendments of the constitution.
17. There is illegitimacy in the executive, Parliament and the judiciary.
18. 2023 will be disputed.
19. Charlton Hwende did not attempt to recall anybody.
20. Mwonzora begged Chamisa to appoint him on the PR list, he had to convince Mutsekwa from Manicaland.
21. In 2014, Mwonzora released money from CBZ and was working with the state to fight him.
22. The Supreme Court is yet to determine the case on harvest house. We can take over Harvest house at any time.
23. Eddie Cross is benefiting on projects in Kwekwe, Victoria Falls and the 2nd pipeline with no tender.
24. He had fundamental differences with Eddie Cross who wrote a manifesto that was not people centered.
25. Vaccination must be a choice.
26. People in government should not drive the best cars, these should be driven in the private sector.
27. Nkosana Moyo does not understand the economy himself. The President is not supposed to be an expert, he should be sorrounded by teams of experts.


– Chamisa was defensive and failed to articulate a winning strategy. He is out of touch with reality and is now taking his supporters for granted.
– Chamisa failed to address the key issues of MDC name, opposition coalition and dialogue.
– Chamisa does not have a compelling message for the 2023 elections. –