Northern Ireland based Zimbabwean nurse, Pauline ‘Popo’ Moyo explains how she is now taking home 4400 pounds aevery month in her new job as a Peripatetic nurse.

Pauline explains that in her new job, she now works at different care homes every day, unlike in her old job where she worked at one care home.

Pauline said she was surprised to receive a welcome bonus of 2500 pounds bonus because she applied directly to the job and did not use an agent.

Pauline says there are many times of care homes, and she enjoys working in these homes as she gets to read about different homes every day.

Pauline says she left her previous job because her old work environment was toxic and she realized that it was time to leave.

Pauline says she realized things escalated and she woke up at the middle of the night and updated her LinkedIn and she picked up her phone. The first job she saw when she opened LinkedIn was a job for a Peri patetic nurse and she applied.

After getting the job, she said things started to emerge at work and her faith kept her sane.

In her new job, Pauline says she prefers to work five days a week and she takes home at least 3800 pounds. However, sometimes she works in 6 days.

She is happy in her new job because there is no traffic and she has the road to herself. She gets to see livestock in the beautiful rural Ireland scenery.

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