Conditions for Chipanga to Rejoin Zanu-PF Revealed

The ruling party Zanu-PF has finally revealed conditions for Kudzai Chipanga to rejoin the party.

Chipanga was admitted to the party on condition that he does not contest elections for three years.

Meanwhile Makhosini Hlongwane was readmitted into the party because since his dismissal in 2017 over G40 cabal issues, he has shown remorse.

The disciplinary committee and politburo accepted his readmission as an ordinary card carrying member and can only be eligible to contest for elections after three years.

Cde Dorothy Mhangani who expelled herself in 2018 after contesting elections as an independent having lost primary elections was also readmitted and she will only be eligible to contest an elected position.



Read the statement attached and also watch the video above