Harare Pastor Charles Takavengwa Mistakenly Posts Dubai Beach Pictures With Female Ushers

A Harare Pastor, Dr Charles Takavengwa, was today embarrassed after he posted pictures of himself enjoying a holiday with two of his young female ushers in Dubai.

Dr Takavengwa enjoying a swim with his female usher in Dubai

Dr Takavengwa’s wife is not in any of the beach pictures, and he is reportedly still in Dubai with the female ushers.

In one of the pictures, Dr Takavengwa is holding onto one of the ushers, named as Carlin and Lisa.

Dr Takavengwa deep in thought

The Pastor is the founder at CT Ministries in Glaudina. The ministry is named after the popular doctor, who often visits Dubai for holidays.

In the past, Dr Takavengwa has visited Dubai with his family, however, this time he travelled with “ministry workers”.

Dr Takavengwa could not take his eyes off the usher

The Pastor was forced to delete the pictures after an uproar in the church about the nature of the church funded trip.

Dr Charles Takavengwa and his wife, Carlin and Lisa. His wife did not travel to Dubai