The late socialite, controversial businessman Ginimbi’s sister Juliet has confirmed that Ginimbi’s memorial service is not going to happen anytime soon.

According to an interview conducted by a local tabloid, Juliet revealed that Ginimbi’s memorial service will not be done before they hold their mother’s memorial.

Ginimbi’s mother died in the same year but in January.
In 2019, Ginimbi’s brother Andrew also passed on.

She denied the allegations that Ginimbi’s casket was later found outside his mansion.
She said:
“How can a casket be found outside the grave?
If it was true, journalists must have been there to prove to the world that surely that casket is coming out daily, mobva mari miriraka richibudaka pa-mansion pacho.”
Juliet also revealed that they were planning to built a mausoleum for the late socialite.