Apostle Ian Ndlovu says people should intercede for Emmerson Mnangangwa and other senior leaders in the country because their health is in danger.

Preaching during his Sunday online service, Dr Ndlovu said, “We should be seriously praying for the health of all of our leaders”.

He said its everyone’s duty especially Christians to intercede for those who are in leadership because if something happens to any of the senior leaders in this country, it may create problems for Zimbabwe.

The man of God said Mnangagwa and his team might look healthy but they are not. He said some of the prominent leaders like Perence Shiri lost their lives unexpectedly.

“Yes, we know what happened in January, remember what happened in January, we had many of our leaders just dying one after the end. We don’t want a repeat of that situation, it may create commotion within the government”.