Tatts has finally decided to talk about her painful upbringing six months after her sister’s death.

Tatts revealed that she didn’t finish her O Levels because her mother had no money and was suffering from cancer.

She added that herself and Moana used to sell boiled eggs and some food stuffs in the streets so that they can take their mother to the hospital because no one was willing to help then.

Tearful Tatts said all people do is judge and criticise without understanding one’s background.

“I’m tired of people judging me, questioning my character and attacking my mother”, she said.

Tatts said Moana got pregnant and everyone in her family including her father denounced her however she chose to go and settle with the man responsible but life was hard for her.

She added that Moana chose to live like a freak after experiencing the most difficult phase of her life.

Tatts said Moana started venturing into fitness programs and made money for herself and her family.