Self proclaimed prophet Talent Chiwenga says MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa has failed Zimbabweans.

Teaching during his online sermons, Chiwenga said MDC is not into serving the interests of Zimbabweans.

He said when MDC voted to impeach the late President Robert Mugabe in 2017, “they trampled on the very principles which they say they stand for in their manifesto, and as their party ideology.”

Chiwenga said MDC was after positions in the government and they forgot the principles and “they salivated for political positions, that’s a bad precedence.”

“And that’s what our problem is today, our problem is does the MDC have an interest in serving the people of Zimbabwe, or they only condemn ZANU PF because they themselves are not in power, because when something is wrong it should not be condemned by someone else, but when it is done by you it is fine, something that is wrong should be principally wrong across the board; so they and now complaining that the military and the police were involved in the factions that were in ZANU PF”.

Chiwenga said for people to sympathise with MDC they need to revise their methods of trying to get relevance at any given time.