The Zimbabwe republic police violently squashed a planned Mthwakazi Republic  yesterday.

Nine people have been arrested in the city at the same time, the party organised a protest outside the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria yesterday.

Velile Moyo of the MRP said people from the western side of Zimbabwe have marginalised and suppressed by the regime in Zimbabwe.

He said Mthwakazi is there to ensure that “we will defend our territory, and ensure that our people get the political will to be able to speak for themselves, and also speak against the in justices that happened to them”.

Velile said the protests were to demand justice for those who have been arrested and been denied bail for over a month and also speak against attempted abductions.

“Zimbabwe is failing to take an initiative to correct the imbalances and injustice that happened in the past. For those things that prompt us to get into the streets in March.

“What we can say is, we have realised that Zimbabwe government has failed to address these questions, and we have quite a lot of people that have been cheated by the ground”.