Prophet P Alpha says MDC T leader Douglas Mwonzora will suffer a huge defeat that will leave him seriously damaged.

In a vision the man of God saw Mwonzora sitting on a white horse moving forward approaching a beautiful house however the horse changed into a donkey with black lines.

The donkey countinued to approach the house dragging its legs but only a few meters left to approach the house Mwonzora with anger jumped off the donkey and fell to the ground however he sustained an injury and failed to get up.

Pastor P Alpha said Mwonzora was leading a great life that was going to take him to beautiful endings however he has associated himself with witchcraft, jealousy and the wrong company.

He added that nothing good is going to come out of his evil deeds thus he should seek God.

Pastor Alpha said the reason why MDC is not dominating is because of jealousy within the party and puppets being used by ZANU PF thus they managed to manipulate Thokozani khupe to seize the MRT building.