Speeding Tiger Woods Stepped On accelerator Instead Of Brake

Police have revealed the cause of Tiger Woods’ accident in which he was seriously injured in March 2021.

Addressing a press conference this evening, a police Spokesman said:

When Mr. Woods was involved in a collision, we responded the vehicle was off the roadway and on its side.

Mr. Woods was still inside the vehicle, the seatbelt was still worn and the airbags had deployed.

Mr would appeared injured, based on his appearance and to prevent further injury. We waited for the paramedics to arrive to remove him from the vehicle transport him to the hospital.

There was no odor of alcohol. There were no open containers in the vehicle, and there were no narcotics or any evidence of medication in the vehicle, or on his person.

In this situation, the question was asked about do we conduct field sobriety tests, due to his injuries in the traumatic nature of his injuries, it would not be appropriate to do any type of field sobriety tests.

Tiger Woods and his management team have been in communication with us cooperated with any of our follow up investigation questions, and responded to all of our questions and concerns.

There was no evidence of braking throughout this collision. It is speculated and believe that Tiger Woods inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal, causing that 99% rating on the accelerator pedal string was also recorded, and it ranged from a minus 10 to 55. And this is on a 360 degree, circular model. So, it indicates that strain was made from the left and to the right. And it’s believed that this could be from trying to correct from the impacts, and also the impacts itself throughout the collision.

Again, the estimated speeds of impact, were 84 to 87 miles per hour.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.