Philip Chiyangwa Death Prophecy 24 Jan 2021 – Prophet Advocate Joshua

There are people who are going to cry on television who you don't not expect to cry

Prophet Advocate Joshua has this afternoon issued a direct death prophecy on Zimbabwe Billionaire,  Philip Chiyangwa.

Speaking during today’s Sunday morning service,  Prophet  Advocate Joshua said God has told him to give the message publicly and not in private.

Prophet Advocate Joshua said he saw Chiyangwa ‘s beautiful cars having no one to drive them.

Prophet Advocate Joshua said people should pray for Chiyangwa,  not a little, but for a long time.

He said those who are close to him should pass this message to him and even if he is not sick now, they should heed the word of God as it will come to pass.

Prophet Advocate Joshua is known worldwide after his accurate prophecy on the death of Roy Bennet,  Morgan Tsvangirai and Genius ‘Ginimbi ‘ Kadungure.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.