2020 has been the biggest year for Gambakwe Media. In spite of the lockdown, our audience has grown by more than 5 times.

For the first time in our history, we had one of our biggest videos that had over 1 million views!

What is most important to us, however, is that we now have followers in every country.

This year, in 2020, the media landscape in South Africa was completely shifted. Many newspapers and magazines were completely shut down.

2020 Media Carnage

Some of the most well known magazines that shut down include Drum and Sunday Sun, household names across Africa.

What went wrong

Most media houses in South Africa have closed in 2020 because they were not built for the new audience.

They were also not built for the new customer.

Previously, newspapers would deliver news that happened, whereas now, newspapers must deliver news that is happening, or news that is yet to happen.

Newspapers also used to wait for their customers to come and buy their news or tune to their channels.

The new customer for news wants their news delivered to them, in a format that they want, and at no cost to themselves!

In this LIVE video, I discuss how Gambakwe Media was able to rise to the challenge in 2020, and grow, while other media houses were struggling or shutting down:

– How Gambakwe Media captured an International Audience (They already know what’s happening)

– How Gambakwe Media developed a unique Offerings (Whats important to them, is not what’s important to us).

– How Gambakwe Media created products for everyone (There are realities in every market) .

– How Gambakwe nedia delivered faster than eveyone else (Its a game of numbers).

Whats Next:

2021 will present new challenges on the revenue side. More people have entered the market and older distribution channels are no longer available.

People have been locked up for months and traditional players such as Netflix, Cable News Networks and Local television stations have adapted.

Celebrities have changed their model and the landscape has totally changed.

It is once again a time to change strategy!

Please watch the video above this post for more details on where the next opportunity lies.